2014 Christmas tuning on the Ruffatti in Maynooth College.

Maynooth College (12/12/2014) - what fun to be able to tune such a big organ single-handedly.......see the zapper beside the keys. Today's tuning however was probably in vain....temperature was only 12 deg C in the gallery....it'll surely be in the 20's at the carol services. I have no choice but to return after the first one (of 3) and do more tuning.......I could only guess what pitches will do today. Reeds were left 2 cents sharp to the flues, but that's really only a wild guess

This shows the Swell reeds.......the back row is very tricky to get at, with 7 rows in front (4 stops laid out in a double row, a stagger);

And this shows the big solo reed up top, horizontal.....great view from there too: