This organ has now been saved. Here it is in its new home, St. Michael's Church, Aghold, Co. Wicklow:

And during construction:

And a visit from our Bishop and Archdeacon.....Bishop Michael Burrows + and Ven. Andrew Orr.....

Below, absolute proof that this organ is the work of John White: a single signature on the pallet guard within the soundboard. Of course it's not the 'real' John White because he lived from 1908 - 1859. He had 8 children of which, I think two went into organbuilding. It was hardly James for he lived from 1837 - 1889. At a push it might of been John, born 1834 and died, 1918, which is why I say at a push. Perhaps it was someone signing it on behalf of the firm?




Original text re. this organ below, from when it was homeless;

Yet another poor organ seeking a kind new home. This is a neat organ with a shallow footprint of just 2 metres (+350mm to allow for pedalboard/stool), with some scope for slimming this even more.

Dims are 4500mm (H) x 2920 (W) x 2000 (D).


Spec.: 16 (Ped), 8,8,8,4,2 2/3,2


Makes a good account of itself.....nice bright sound. Can be currently (June 2016) seen/heard in Dublin.