There's a lot to say about this job, but for now, here's the quick version. The church is large, seating 1800 people, with a generous acoustic. The organ was on the gallery. The stipulations were (a) that the choir was to relocate downstairs to the south transept and (b) the organ upstairs was to be retained. such a large church I pointed out one simply cannot accompany a choir or soloist from afar. And so, I proposed a smaller organ to be located in the transept near the choir, and the 16-stop organ upstairs to be upgraded to circa 35 stops.

The result, I think can be called a success. Talking to the resident organist years later, the transept organ gets used a lot. Indeed it gets more use than the gallery organ, exactly as I anticipated.

You can hear this organ - there are two audio tracks on the homepage here (Cesar Franck Chorale in A Min and Good Friday music). I really should record a few more.

Here is the console, originally fitted in Coleraine. It was re-kitted to reflect the new enlarged Drumcondra specification, with new thumb and toe pistons:

Corpus Christi Console.jpg
Drumcondra RH jamb.jpg

We needed a facade to suit the architecture, and so I suggested this:


.....or a smaller suggested version:


In the end, they opted for a facade designed by their own architect:

Drum Trans complete.jpg

Prof. Gerard Gillen at the console in Drumcondra:

Prof. Gerard Gillen