This page will document the story of the pipe organ currently in Croit-e-Caley, Isle of Man moving to Aghold Parish Church, Co. Carlow. Sadly the C-e-C church is closing due to dwindling numbers.

Here is the church (Methodist) at Croit-e-Caley:


It will follow the journey, the characters and stories, and all remedial work carried out to the organ.......

It started with a chance comment from our rector Ven. Andrew Orr at a social gathering around Christmas......."we'll have to do something about an organ for Aghold" the royal "we" took note!

This followed by a chance message from Facebook friend Will Dunklin, an architect based in Knoxville, Tennessee.....which then led me to local organbuilder in the Isle of Man, Mr. Peter Jones. Here he is enjoying a cuppa:  

Peter has been most generous with his time and help, providing all necessary help and information:

Peter's assistance to the parish included promotional videos to try and save the organ:

The following clip on youtube is really quite sad.......showing the bits and pieces left over after closure. We shall try and provide some happy ending, at least for the organ :-)

So thank you Peter! Look forward to meeting you shortly. be continued........