The organ mentioned below is in our custody here in Carlow now. The text below was copied and pasted directly from the IBO site

I will edit it to include better detail sometime soon.

"King 1892 

Last known Organ Builder - Not Known(Stephen thinks it was Bruce......I will find out more).

Given Description; An organ by Herbert King (ex-D & T Hamilton) of 1892, containing older material.

Stop List :

Manual II   16,8,8,4,2,8
Manual I    8,8,4,4,2

Pedal        16

Swell to Great, Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal

Action Type - Tracker 

Dimensions 9' x 9' x 15' (w x d x h) 

Condition - Would benefit from restoration but was in full working order at time of dis-assembly in 2005

Organ offered as complete

Location Dalry Congregational Church, Edinburgh" (2014 - Carlow, Ireland.)

King/Bruce - Dalry, Edinburgh
King/Bruce - Edinburgh