....think I'll call this a friction asserter! Basically it will apply friction to the electric expression pedal to an additional division. (The linear potentiometer it acts upon provides no friction whatsoever.)

A "friction asserter"!

Here it is assembled - it provides consistent, even and adjustable friction over a movement of 150mm - works great.

Unusually the additional pedal pivots on the existing trundle. There was no opportunity to mount it independently. It also works very well :-)

And connecting the potentiometer.......the pedal actually only provided 50mm movement and I needed 98mm......so I had to gear up the ratio. The rate it opens/closes is nice and progressive (wouldn't matter if it wasn't as we could actually accommodate that with a software adjustment via the laptop anyway).

And the end result.....worked out fine......had to rearrange a few rollers and trackers to make room for the new pedal........the feel to the new Choir pedal is very convincing when compared to the existing Swell pedal which is mechanical all the way. Am pleased :-)