Below can be clearly seen the extent of dirt and dust that has gathered over the years:

Andrew and Simon returning cleaned pipes to the Great organ (........the Trumpet, seen behind Andrew, now sounds great and is surprisingly stable after a thorough cleaning):


The inside of the upper organ, seen from the RH side. In the foreground is the Choir organ, then the Great, and then you can see the side of the Swellbox. It's a very wide organ.

Some of the bothers we are dealing with apropos the multiple dumb notes - broken springs on the feeds to the front pipes of both Great Open Diapasons.....silly design really, bending spring steel.....they we always going to be prone to failures:

Our fix; new springs of phospher bronze.......these will not fail:

Complicated really.....every single pipe has its own individual control.......a lot of management required to execute this:

This is where the original pneumatic stop-action was intercepted to gain an electrical connection.....under the floor.......the contacts were filthy and required much attention (apologies for blurry photo):

The parish magazine, Jan 2015, featuring resident organist Dr. Mike Thomas, a player of immense ability:

Such a handsome church: