For sale or hire - a 3-manual/pedal digital organ as was fitted in Maynooth College between summer 2011 and summer 2013. It was relieved of its duties once the new Ruffatti pipe organ arrived in summer 2013.

(Nothing to do with this as such, but I am the nominated person to tune and maintain both Ruffatti organs in Ireland on behalf of the company (Longford Cathedral and Maynooth College Gunn Chapel, and soon to be Cobh Cathedral.)

So.....when it came off hire from Maynooth I was left with this lovely equipment, attached to nothing. It therefore made sense to built anew from it. I originally had 3 potential uses for it - (1) as a demo organ to showcase Musicom's fine products, perhaps with a view to hybrid use into the future (2) potentially as a demo organ to sell itself and (3) a hire organ. Right now, having done some refitting here (Oct 2017) I'll probably keep it for hire purposes permanently. That said, if somebody wishes to buy it, well.....I can have Musicom make another system.

It was not an easy task for Musicom - they had to purpose-build this system in the space of 10 days at the time, and we had to fit it to the existing console in Maynooth and get it up and running within a weekend. It is therefore a testament to their excellent service that they were capable of this - I much appreciate the efforts of their electrical engineers Doug and Howard for this, as well as the audio expertise of Dr. Graham Blyth.

It also needed further amendments in order to convert to a mobile organ - again, Doug and Howard came up trumps for me.

This high-quality system is currently played from a mobile 2-manual console (the Positive is treated as a floating division, playable from either Swell, Great or Pedal) and can be heard in a chapel in West Dublin.

Here's a couple of photos of it in its current's built to be portable, with wheels on as many things as possible, and the console as light as possible, weighing just 40kg. This compares very well compared to the 130kg (approx) with an 'ordinary' console. As such it makes this organ quite versatile indeed, making it possible to lift over a gallery rail for instance. (More often than not the stairs leading up to a gallery would make that route impossible.)


Basically it consists of 8 components: console, pedalboard, stool, one trolley of electrical equipment, 2 sets of Tannoy speakers (8 in total) and 2 sub-woofers. The subs can be wired in mono (if space is of a premium) at little cost to quality.

Here's a photo of it under construction/testing:


And this is what's inside (rather a lot!):


The organ can be supplied with a new console, or can be piggy-backed onto virtually any other existing keyboards, depending on detail.

Enquiries welcome. This is it when out on loan to Aghold Church, Co. Wicklow recently:


And here's what it sounded like when residing in Maynooth College Gunn Chapel: can hear the clattering of the worn-out keyboards of the old organ in this track as the recorder was nearby.