For sale, February 2019 - Kenneth Jones house organ circa 1983

I’m selling this for a friend…’s not in my custody, but can be viewed/played in the Dublin (Ireland) area.


It’s a handsome little organ measuring 1385mm (W), 2300mm (H) and 600mm (D). Total depth (D) incl pedalboard 1460mm.

The space up-front to me is begging for some nice pipe shades, at the new owner’s discretion. Maybe even accompanied by nice new tin dummy pipes to the facade. The original set-up used a plain sheet of glass, which still exists.

Manual I consists of a single wooden 8’ flute which resides at the bottom, behind the slatted knee panel.

Manual II currently consists of just an 8’ Flute, but space for an additional four more stops is provided. Looking at the upperboard borings I’m guessing a 4’ flute, a 15th and a 1 1/3 Larigot are anticipated, with a small reed to the front. Not sure if a Nazard 2 2/3 would fit instead of the Larigot…….suppose the bass could be stoppered.

The keyboards show surprisingly little wear.

The original blower burnt out, and so the new one is relocated on the roof. This explains the hole in the rear wall of the case. I’m sure this can be disguised somehow.

This organ belonged to my beloved first cousin Peter Sweeney, who sadly died earlier last year. He was one of the finest organists the world has ever seen. As such, this organ comes with extremely fine heritage.